Kanjeng Pangeran Dato' Seri Paduka Dr. Andrew Lim

dsp-andrew1Kanjeng Pangeran Dato’ Seri Paduka Dr. Andrew Lim Kim Ming is one of the founders of KM Capital Group Berhad, a conglomerate of companies which has diversified into multiple areas in businesses since its founding in the year 1983 and currently serves thousands of clients worldwide with its Head Quarters based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The areas of businesses include Company Secretarial & Accounting Services, Training and Coaching Services, Property Development & Asset Management Services, IT & Telecommunication Infrastructure Services, Global Trading including the export of Rubber and other commodities, Hotel Operations & Management Facilities, Travel & Tour Services including outbound & inbound travel, Manufacturing and as well Consultation Services. Apart from his leadership in the corporate world, he is also actively involved in the in charitable activities in the various non-governmental organizations (NGO‟s) which he is part of in his capacity as the founder and member.